Professional Patients Podcast

What is the Professional Patients Podcast?

We are two great friends brought together by the woeful wonderful world of Chronic Kidney Failure.

We speak about our experiences, spending life in and out of hospital, and what it is like being ‘professional patients.’ The term is more tongue-in-cheek, rather than claiming we know every detail about our condition. We leave that to the wonderful team of healthcare workers who have been and will continue to take care of us throughout our lives.

In our podcast, we speak about our lived-in experiences of Chronic Kidney Failure, ranging from topics of mental and sexual health or managing our social lives, as well as giving our interpretations of issues such as catheterising and dialysis, or building ourselves post-transplant.

What made you set up the podcast? Can you tell us a little bit about your backgrounds?

To be frank, we ran out of excuses.

We are great friends that have been interested in working together in different projects for a long time. I (Ruban) am an Actor, Writer and Voice-over artist and Ollie has an extensive background in Direction and TV Production, both on stage and screen. Pre-pandemic, we would have many conversations over beers and coffees – sometimes one after the other – about shooting a little mockumentary or some sketches about our experiences, whether it be awkward conversations with doctors, invasive procedures, or sordid stories at the Transplant Games.

We’ve always tried to maintain a sense of humour throughout our lives and wanted to start the podcast with the aim of shedding some light on the darker parts of our life. To inform informally.

So, we ended up starting a podcast with the passions of promoting Organ Donation Awareness, through sharing our stories as well as many others, and safe to say we have been overwhelmed with the response we have received. Given our backgrounds, we feel we work together well, and have a helpful of mix of tech and creative nous.

What tips do you have for those thinking of starting their own podcast?

There are lots of resources available online, but we mainly went through a YouTube journey, deciding on the equipment we would get hold of. You don’t need anything expensive to start off with, a phone or laptop mic is enough. Pay more attention to your content, and it always helps to talk about something that you are passionate about.

We explored a few podcast hosting sites, Buzzsprout, Podbean and Anchor to mention a few, and decided on the one that worked best for us, based on efficiency and well, just how pretty it looked.

Yes, our voices always sounded cringe and weird to listen back to, but I think everyone goes through this. Just ride it out, have your interests and intentions in mind and go ahead. There will be teething problems, but a point will come where things will just click. We would say it is always good to plan and structure episodes, and always make sure you establish a rapport with your co-hosts or guests.

I’d just like to leave this last bit of advice; Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but be afraid of not learning from your mistakes.

Thanks to Ruban and Oliver for chatting to us, and we look forward to even more episodes!


You can catch the Professional Patients Podcast on AnchorFM & Spotify as well as follow them on Instagram!

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