About Us

The YAKG is a closed Facebook support group for kidney patients between 18 and 30. It was started in 2016 as a way for young people with chronic kidney disease to come together and have a safe place to support one another online. In the four years since then, we have grown into an amazing, diverse community of over 600 young kidney patients worldwide. We are now so much more than just a Facebook group!

We are an independent, patient-led support group, but are run in partnership with Kidney Care UK, who provide us with significant support and guidance.

The YAKG is a closed Facebook support group open to all young adult kidney patients between 18 and 30.

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at or what sort of treatment you’re undergoing, you’re welcome to come and be part of our community. You can participate in discussions if you like, or you can simply drop by and have a read if you ever need a reminder that you’re not alone in what you might be dealing with.

Although most of our members are based in the UK, you’re more than welcome to join if you live overseas, we currently have members from as far away as New Zealand, South Africa and India!

The current YAKG administrators are a small group of members in their early 30s. They are all long-term patients themselves and have taken responsibility for maintaining the group as a supportive, encouraging, patient-led community.

The YAKG has a set of House Rules to which all potential members must agree before they are approved. In the event of a serious incident or an emergency, or if a member requires help beyond what we can directly provide, the group Admins would signpost the patient to appropriate outside support, often in the form of a Kidney Care UK regional Advocacy Officer or renal counsellor.

The YAKG is strictly for patients only. However, if you’re a healthcare professional or youth worker and would like to learn more about us and how we can help you help your patients, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have business cards and posters available to help you promote us in your unit.

The reason the YAKG is for kidney patients only is to allow our members to have a completely safe space in which to discuss their worries, fears and feelings about life with kidney disease. We know that as wonderfully supportive as family members can be, there’s nothing like being able to chat privately with other people who understand your experiences.

In terms of support for friends and family members, we highly recommend the Kidney Care UK support group. This is a very large, knowledgeable and supportive community and an excellent resource for both patients and their loved ones.